A wedding is a journey. For me, it starts the moment you hit the submit button on my website. Now we are getting to know each other and once we know we are a perfect fit the fun starts! I will gather all the information I might need from you; who’s who in your family, what are your personal touches, what do you like and dislike. I will help you go through your schedule and tweak it to perfection, tell you of all the things I’ve learn from the hundreds of weddings I’ve shot. I will research and scout your wedding location, contact your wedding planner & videographer. Schedule and plan an amazing engagement session for the two of you and deliver photos perfect for your wedding website, sign-in guest book or as decor both at your wedding and in your home. Get you to relax in front of my camera, give you memories for life. Make sure all my gear is up to date and functioning, including my back-up gear. Get tons of film. Prep my second shooter. Make travel arrangements. Capture everything on your wedding day, being one step ahead, make people laugh and coordinate with everyone behind the scenes for the best photos possible. Get amazing and gorgeous photos of you both on your wedding day! I will get your film developed and scanned, backed up. Culled, edited and backed up again. I will make you a personal slideshow with the best photos, set up a web gallery with all you photos. Help you and your family order prints, personally designed and made heirloom albums. Answer any question and explain anything personally. The 10 hour package you might choose has hundred of hours of hard work included in it. Just as a great wedding photography experience should.



The two most common questions I get: ” I though all Swedish people were tall?” and “which photoshop button do I use to get those airy pastel colors and yummy light?”. I hate to burst your bubble but some of us Scandinavian Vikings are shot, and the button doesn’t exist. The secret to my unique photography style is called film. Yes, old school film. Both medium format and 35 mm cameras. My favorite kind of film, exposed just right. The grain, the colors. I don’t snap photos, I create art. More pressure on me to nail it, more gorgeous photos for you to enjoy.



Like I mentioned, film forces my to think every time I press the shutter. A limited number of shots on a roll & a slower camera all on manual settings forces me to make in-camera selections. Instead trying to weight it up spending hours in front of the computer culling out 90% of the photos and editing, editing, editing… less time by the desk and more time shooting makes me a happier photographer. You will never see me fire off two dozens of shots and cross my fingers I got the moment. Film forces the photographer to slow down and shoot quality instead of quantity. The lens is manual focus, the camera a rangefinder. To have the confidence to wait, anticipate and just nail the moment. -I become more aware. Of the background, the light, the composition. I won’t hesitate to run and move the trashcan that ruins our gorgeous location, or get down on the ground to throw out the cigarette stump that is in our frame and I don’t like to brag but I’m pretty good at spotting bridesmaids who forgot a ponytail around the wrist. Light is the base in all photography. Look at your favorite photograph and analyze the light – I promise you it makes 50% of the magic. Film forces me to understand light – where does it come from, how does it bounce, what temperature does it have, is it soft or hard, how can I make this most flattering for you. I’ve never been better at reading the light and adjust to it in seconds. Film slows me down, in a good way. Because it will also slow you down on a hectic day. Those magical bride and groom portraits weren’t created from stress, they where captured when the bride and groom took a deep breath or leaned in for a private kiss or finally let it sink in – this is their wedding day and start giggling! Those moments never happen without slowing down. I love perfection, hey I’m the girl who cried uncontrollably for 4 hours after I got my first (and only) speeding ticket since I wasn’t a perfect driver anymore! ;) but there’s something beautiful in imperfections. A super-sharp digital photo can look so flat next to a film photo with its grain or emotion of motion blur. Film is organic and connects us to the image. Imperfection is the new perfect (except when it comes to a speeding ticket!) ;) It’s timeless. There’s no way to beat the look of film and it’s archival properties. We’ve all seen the stunning images by Richard Avedon, Ansel Adams, Helmut Newton, Steven Meisel, Irving Penn… museums all over the world keep exhibit them and every single frame is a piece of art. Modern when they were created, timeless ever since. And they are all shot on film.



Traveling has always been my biggest source of inspiration. I’ve spent all my savings traveling around the globe and I knew early on in my career that destination weddings would be my specialty. Either that or professional gluten free pie-eating contestant. The main reasons to bring a photographer with you to your wedding destination, whether it’s just down to the south or to the other side of the world is that you are guaranteed a photographer with a style you love & someone easy to communicate with (not only on the day off but leading up to the day to get the schedule just right and afterwards during the album process). And since I’ve done tons of destination weddings I have a “delayed-flight-checked-luggage-not-arrived-or-any-other-travel-hazard”-proof plan! For example, I can pack ALL my camera gear in my carry-on and it will never leave my side. I have priority boarding, I know how to get the best deals on flights and how to charm any grumpy flight attendant if needed. I always fly in a day early to have plenty of time for delays, location scouting and even a destination engagement session. I’m a living gps, no joke – growing up on a farm and getting lost in the woods had some advantages. Language barriers don’t exist since I’m a killer at charades. My chunky cheeks and big smile have granted me access to more “no trespassing” areas than I can count and I’ve photographed all kinds of cultural ceremonies – doing things three time, tying the couple together, sticky honey and breaking glass. I got it covered. And I always give my destination wedding couples a complimentary day after session! So skip the local guy who’s shot at the same spot a gazillion times and really won’t be inspired and just shoots your wedding the same way as the last one – bring a destination wedding pro instead!


A few of the places my camera and I have travelled together

New york city | Sweden | Brazil | Amalfi Coast | France | Moscow | Napa | Positano | Norway California | Paris | South Africa | Georgia | Denmark | Connecticut | Ravello | Cape Town | Finland | Russia | The Hamptons | Florida | Carmel By the Sea | Phoenix | Georgia | Tuscany | India | Virginia | Vietnam | Las Vegas | Washington DC | London



I don’t know how many times I married my dogs as a child, the fact that they were two boys never crossed my mind nor interfered with the cute dresses I made them wear. And since my parents wouldn’t get me a Ken, Barbie just had to marry Barbie. Love is love, and I’m honored to document all kinds. If you found love, no matter what gender that person is – I’m beyond happy for you both! But same sex weddings are a bit different, for example some of the traditional parts of a wedding day might need to be tweaked and the regular wedding photography solutions will be altered to fit your unique day. Two bridal preps, two grooms walking down the isle, a mixed bridal party, families that may or may not be present. Together with the wedding planner and/or the happy couple I will gladly sit down and make any adjustments we need to cover any wedding day moments. Without interfering with your wardrobe choices, promise.